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How to Create and Run Your Own User Forum

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Having your own web forum is not a bad idea. User forums, like anything else over the internet, can be monetized and you can earn from running your own discussion forum. Many businesses prefer to run their own internet forums to provide superior customer support and experience, and it works really well for them. If you want to set one up for yourself, here is how you do it.

  1. Select a Web Hosting Service and Domain Name
  2. Choose a Theme
  3. Set Up Your Forum
  4. Publish Your Forum

Of course, that sounds easier said than done. If you are not an IT wiz, we would suggest you get some help setting up your own user forum. There are several applications and software that make the process easier for you, but it is always best to have the user forum be created and set up for you by a professional. They can not only create your forum but also run it for you according to your wishes.

Having your own user forum provides many benefits to you and your business. Along with superior customer support, it can help you build a network for all your users, improve communication and collaboration, give credibility to your brand, and increases engagement and exposure. All in all, having a user forum is one of the best things you can do to enhance the customer’s experience with you.

My Thoughts…

Facebook is great, but a new realm of B2B ecommerce sites are now providing their own User Forums for their customers and end users. From Manufacturing, Distribution, Logistics, Transportation to everyday trade workers. Users want to go to forums that not only have like minded users be the ability to discuss the products their using, tips and trick of the trade and rate what are the best products out there.

This type of customer experience especially for the B2B digital and trade revolution goes far beyond Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other “social media” outlet. Big Manufacturers and Distributor should especially take note. Setting up the forum is fairly simple but making sure your creating the environment of trust, anonymity and conversational user experience isn’t as always as easy as it seems.

I feel that the companies first to embrace these types of benefits to their end users will be the ones that hold up brand recognition, higher ratings and larger followings when it comes to their clients choosing what brands to go with.

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